PCR produces and markets five main product lines:

  • Portland Pozzolanic Cement “Comodoro” CPP 40 (ARS)
  • Compounded Portland Cement “Comodoro 2000” CPC 40 (ARS)
  • Portland Cement with blast furnace dross “Comodoro 2000” CPE40 (ARS)
Oil Use
  • Special Portland Cement Spec. 10 A G Class
  • Special Portland Cement Spec. 10 A H Class

Above mentioned IRAM standards are equivalent to main international standards. PCR also complies with Chilean Standards NCh 148.Of68, API Q1 and Spec.10A-HSR standards, American Petroleum Institute (API) Certificate No. 10A-0017, and ISO 9001:2000 standard. PCR's certificate was granted by DET NORSKE VERITAS, Quality System Certificate, Certificate No. QSC – 5332, which is valid for processes regarding production and marketing of cements used in construction and applied to oil use.

Construction Cements

PCR supplies cements to an ample market, focusing its operations in Patagonia region. Also, the company exports construction cements to Chile.

Whatever the market, PCR's products are part of important infrastructure works, and customer level satisfaction is high due to their excellent performance even in adverse conditions.

Oil use cements

PCR is leader in cement used for oil and gas wells in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. More than four decades supplying cements to main sector companies back its experience.

Cement performance in wells has been acknowledged by utility companies, and this made PCR win international markets, and compete with main producers in the world.

PCR has been authorized by API to apply that institute monogram in its G Class and H Class cements within categories of maximum resistance to sulfates, which therefore ensure greater well durability in aggressive soils and waters.

PCR knows about oil use cement importance, as it has a commercial unit devoted specifically to hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation, and that means a gain difference which none of its competitors can match.