PCR is a private company, born in Patagonia, with a commercial trajectory of more than 90 years, which is mainly devoted to produce and distribute construction materials (cements, concrete stone blocks, concrete setts, adhesives), and to explore and produce hydrocarbons (oil and gas).

In recent years, PCR has expanded its industrial and commercial activities towards different regions in the country and the world.

It manufactures and markets construction products under different commercial names “Cementos Comodoro” (cements), “Mampuestos Comodoro” (stone blocks), “Adoquines Comodoro” (pavers), and “Adhesivos Listo” (adhesives).

Its oil and gas division exploits two oil fields in “Neuquina" basin, Argentina: one in La Pampa (El Medanito area), and the other in Mendoza (El Sosneado). Besides, since 1998, along with a group of Spanish companies, it is carrying out intense oil activities in Ecuador, i.e. South Palanda-Yuca and Pindo oilfields.

PCR is a company deeply rooted both in Patagonia and Argentina. It is concerned with environmental care and preservation for future generations and with regional economic, social and cultural development. PCR is constantly investing in technology for improving production processes and reducing environmental alteration risks, as well as ensuring development for Argentina and the people who work in the company.


  • Ensure business growth.
  • Achieve the satisfaction and success of our internal and external customers.
  • Work on continuous improvement of processes, products and services in pursuit of excellence.
  • Promote the companies values and policies within our customers, suppliers and the entire community.
  • Create value to ensure the fulfillment of our mission.


  • Be a Patagonian company growing in the country and Latin America.
  • Dedicated to the production and marketing of hydrocarbons, energy and construction materials and services.
  • Be considered a model company for excellence, ethics, transparency and innovation.
  • To be recognized in the communities where it operates for applying the company’s policies.


  • Ethics.
  • Honesty.
  • Transparency.
  • Work based on quality of life , equity, solidarity, and a harmonious relationship between future economic growth, environmental integrity and social development.
  • Safety and health at work.
  • Innovation, creativity and dedication to learning.
  • Teamwork.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to circumstances.
  • Strive for optimum working environment.
  • These values must be present in the actions of all members of the company.
90 Aniversario PCR