PCR’s history began in 1921, under the name COMPAÑÍA FERROCARRILERA DE PETRÓLEO, a subsidiary private company of the old Ferrocarriles Sud y Oeste (South and West Railways) that today are known as “Roca” and “Sarmiento” railways; the main company goal those days was to provide fuel for the railway locomotives.

The railway company was nationalized, and it became part of National Government Administration, until 1978 when it was privatized again.

In early 1950, it began working on cement manufacturing, and operating a cement Portland factory in Comodoro Rivadavia, the starting point for a long run in the construction market, in Patagonia.

Since the transfer of the company to private hands, a strong process was driven to modernize and remodel business, to expand influence in the construction area and to improve operations in various oilfields.

That’s the way the company’s trademark has been positioned, during the last 25 years, as leader of Patagonia construction market, and has expanded into hydrocarbons exploitation, beginning with a planned exploration of oilfields that are currently in operation in Argentina and Ecuador.