PCR has been always committed to collaborating with communities surrounding the areas where company activities are taking place, especially in the area of “Kilometro 8” (Kilometer 8), a community that was born as a company camp at the very beginning. Many of the institutions for public good, e.g. primary school, secondary school, club, police station, and hospital were donated or sponsored by the company and continue to be supported through various collaborations. PCR also collaborates with kindergartens, schools, the Patagonian National University - Don Juan Bosco and public libraries.

The company canalizes important social activities working together with Comodoro Rivadavia's bishopric, diocesan Caritas and the work of Don Juan Bosco (Salesians), which is a religious institution devoted to the protection of children and youngsters. It also supports CABINComodoro Rivadavia Bionuclear applications Center) which has become the primary Patagonic center for cancer diagnostics and treatments.

PCR has founded the “Fundación para el Desarrollo Humano Sustentable (Foundation for Sustainable Human Development) in Patagonia. The company feels linked to Patagonia history and future. It promotes a long-term and sustainable development focused on human beings.

Social action